SAUK RAPIDS -- The Urban Lodge Brewery and Restaurant in Sauk Rapids is up for sale. Owner Roy Dodds announced Wednesday that he is intending to sell his business that opened 18 months ago.

He says there are two major components behind the move. First, he says the restaurant industry as a whole is struggling. And second, Dodds says he's been having some health problems for the past seven months.

The other issue is that I've been diagnosed with a very rare lung disease, and while my condition is stable it has changed the future for me.  It also affects the way I can physically do my job.

Dodds says the business will stay open as he looks for a buyer.

I've made arrangements with my bank, they're fully supportive.  They believe that we have a winning formula here with our menu and our location and our store.  They would really like to see someone come in and buy it and operate it in a similar way.  My staff does not have to worry.

The business hours have already been reduced to reflect the lower traffic levels of January, February, and March. Hours are expected to return to normal when warmer weather arrives.

Owner Roy Dodds, photo by's Jim Maurice

Dodds says it's been agonizing to have to make a decision to let something go that he believes so strongly in.

He says he plans to sell the brewery, restaurant, and Flying Pig Pizza brand altogether as one package deal.

It opened in July of 2016.