ST. PAUL (AP) — The Minnesota House passed the Vikings stadium bill on Monday night by a vote of 73-58.

St. Cloud area lawmakers DFLer Larry Hosch of St. Joseph, and Republicans Steve Gottwalt of St. Cloud and Tim O'Driscoll of Sartell all voted in favor of the bill.  Republican King Banaian of St. Cloud voted against it.

Lawmakers voted to scale back the state's contribution for the $975 million stadium and require the team to put in more money.

The Vikings would have to put in $105 million more than in the package that was negotiated by the governor, key lawmakers, the Minneapolis mayor and the team. The Vikings would also have to share proceeds from naming rights for the stadium with the state and city of Minneapolis.

A plan to pay the state's share through a gambling expansion survived an attempt to remove it.

Supporters are warning that the team is likely to leave Minnesota if the stadium deal doesn't go through this year.

The Minnesota Senate is expected to take up the bill on Tuesday morning.

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