RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) — North Carolina's Republican leaders are calling a federal warning about the legality of the state's new law limiting LGBT anti-discrimination rules a broad overreach by the government.

The Justice Department sent letters Wednesday to Gov. Pat McCrory, the head of the University of North Carolina system and another agency saying federal officials view the law known as House Bill 2 as violating federal Civil Rights Act protections.

McCrory and state legislative leaders are deciding what to do in response, but it doesn't sound like the Republicans' plans will include canceling the law.

The Justice Department wants state officials to declare they won't carry out the law and allow people to access bathrooms and other facilities "consistent with their gender identity."

McCrory and fellow Republicans say President Barack Obama's administration has gone too far by stepping in.

Yesterday  (Wednesday) we told you both the highly ranked St. Cloud State University and St. Cloud Technical and Community College baseball teams would not be allowed to go to their respective National College World Series - if they qualify - because both tournaments are in North Carolina.  This ruling by the U.S. Justice Department could change all that.