Houdini is a neutered 6 1/2 year old cat who is looking for a new home. And the sooner the better for this shy guy as he finds the shelter is a bit more than his introverted spirit can handle! He's a totally different cat in a home setting, though, once he gets used to his surroundings. He simply loves laser pointers and scratching posts. When his tummy starts growling, he’ll talk your ear off. Houdini’s adoption fee would be waived for a senior citizen or veteran.

Tri-County Humane Society Photos


Bert is a spunky 6 month old neutered kitten. Kittens in general are pretty spunky, but Bert takes it to another level. He’s always looking for something to play with and to him, everything is fair game – toes included! Bert can get overstimulated during play, so he needs someone who can handle his wild ways and would have fun with that kind of personality. Other cats seem to trigger Bert, so he’d do best as the only cat in the home. While he was in foster care, the 80 lb. German Shepherd was his buddy.

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