ST. CLOUD - 2011 will forever be known in St. Cloud State University history as the year homecoming died - and that's the topic of the Number 6 story in our Top 10 stories of 2011 countdown.

On March 4th, a surprising announcement came out of St. Cloud State University - the school had begun making plans to do away with its annual Homecoming celebration.

Reports claimed that, over the years, the school has seen less and less alumni participation in Homecoming festivities, and scheduling Homecoming weekend to coincide with a home football game had become challenging.

However, a few weeks later, SCSU's president, Dr. Earl Potter, refuted the claim that Homecoming had been officially canceled.

Additionally, Potter said Homecoming's reputation for being a weekend of heavy drinking was one he wasn't too keen on. Still, Potter stressed the fact that the decision to scrap Homecoming didn't mean an end to student and alumni events.

And with Homecoming officially ended, the first Celebrate! St. Cloud State event was held the weekend of October 1st and 2nd.

Future celebrations are planned for January, April and June.