My beautiful boys are very shy. They are sweet, polite, and kind.  With us moving back to Minnesota last year, my youngest boy had a really tough time trying to get to know new people. So to help him, and lots of other super great kids that may feel a little overwhelmed by the upcoming school year, we have some tips for the kids that can really help open up the door to meeting new people and making new friends.

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Introduce yourself to others. You don't have to wait for others to introduce you. What do you say? You can practice at home.  "Hi....I'm _________."   It's that simple.
Hi...I'm _________________. What's your name?" The thing to keep in mind is that even though YOU might feel uncomfortable on the inside, those around you won't know it at all. The more you do it, the easier it becomes. I can tell you that I'm STILL quite shy..but I always try to step up, and say hello.


Posture shows confidence. Even if you feel "less than confident" on the inside, you don't have to show it on the outside. Stand up tall. When people slouch, or lower their heads around others, the impression is that they lack confidence. Surprisingly...Most people actually feel this way on the inside. The key is to ignore that feeling, and stand up tall. It will make a big difference. You'll not only look more confident, you'll make other people feel more at ease when they are around you.


The eyes are the windows to the soul, so they say. So make eye contact with others. This will show them that you have self worth, and it shows that you are a person that is worth getting to know better.


There's no need to mumble. Speak loudly and clearly. Mumbling makes others think that you don't feel you are worth much. Prove them wrong but pronounciating clearly, and putting some volume into what you say. If they are asking you to repeat yourself, you're not loud enough.


Make sure you shake hands firmly.  Not too soft....or too hard.  Your handshake should be firm and comfortable.  This will inspire confidence.  Pay attention to how adults shake your hand.  Are they too soft?  Are they squeezing the daylights out of your hand? Try to think about what a comfortable handshake would be for you.  Maybe practice with a parent or sibling.  Practice makes perfect you know!


Even if you don't want to be where you are right now, don't make the person you are meeting feel uncomfortable. A smile puts people at ease and makes them feel welcome. People want to feel like you are happy to meet them, so if not for yourself, smile for the person you are meeting.


One of the greatest gifts in life, is that we get to hear the interesting stories of others around us. When they are talking about themselves, find a way to say their name at least once or twice in the conversation. "Well John...It's very nice to meet someone that loves John Deer appropriate for someone named John." Maybe you ask yourself the question, "Why do I care about this person?" The more you get to know people, the more you'll realize that you never know how the people you meet will impact the rest of your life. Someone you might meet today, could end up back in your life twenty years from now. Everyone is worth a listen.

In conclusion, remember it like this:

  • Smile, speak clearly, and say hello with a nice firm handshake.
  • Stand tall
  • Make eye contact, and finally....
  • Listen!
No one person is EVER better than another. You are important and so are they. So be strong, and try out our tips.

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