Food banks are always looking for your donations, but around the holidays, we can really spruce up our efforts and think about what it takes to make your family a holiday meal.

  • Holiday foods - Stove Top stuffing, cranberry sauces, canned yams.
  • Canned veggies - Low sodium choices are best.
  • Pasta - Whole grain pasta is recommended.
  • Rice and beans - Couscous and quinoa are good as well.
  • Juicy boxes - Especially 100% fruit juices.
  • Canned tuna, chicken, and salmon.
  • Cereal and oatmeal. Quick healthy breakfasts.
  • Canned soup.  Hearty soups like Chunky, or Dinty Moore.
  • Cooking oils - Olive oil and canola oil.

There's several different locations that benefit those in need. Some are below:

  • Catholic Charities
  • St. Cloud Food Pantries
  • Salvation Army Food Shelf St. Cloud

Keep those less fortunate in your thoughts and prayers, and as you shop for your family, grab a few extras, ane put them back for those in need.