At the beginning of this whole Pokemon Go! craze, I thought, "How ridiculous." People are running around chasing invisible creatures and getting excited about it. Then I went home and my 23 year old son, as well as my 15 and 16 year old, were all wanting to play.


Drew and Mason and Tanner gathered around Drew's iPhone and went Pokemon hunting almost all afternoon together. Talking...laughing...learning how it works. Catching Pokemon, accumulating poke balls to catch more Pokemon...watching them evolve. Collecting name it. They wanted to play.


Since my friend Sarah at Verizon Wireless World help me lower my Verizon bill by $75 last month, I finally bit the bullet and asked her to upgrade my high school students phones to the cheapest Smartphones. I didn't even realize it til I got home, they each have an iPhone 5!  and she kept my bill at the same price. I love you Sarah!


Now...I know what you're thinking. You're thinking.."Kelly! What's wrong with you! You bought your kids i phones to play Pokemon Go!?" Well yes and no....First of all, my kids are in high I didn't want them to be the only ones without a smart phone at this point...and it just so happens that we've been having a blast playing Pokemon Go!


My kids were all Pokemon fans, so this game is really fun for them. We made several trips this weekend, between Mason and I with our poison ivy, and then a trip the next day to fix our glasses. We've been out to eat, catching Pokemon, driving around to gyms to compete...finding area memorial sites, and talking!


The boys are getting more exercise than on video games, and they are talking to each other, and me! They started explaining the excitement...the evolving characters, the rare characters...I've seen them have so much fun, and they are going for longer walks in the country.

SO! If this is what it takes to get my sons out of the house..get them talking to each other...smiling...walking...I'm all in!