ST. CLOUD -- Things are starting to take shape at the new Beaver Island Brewing Company location in downtown St. Cloud.

Early today (Friday) brewing tanks arrived at the the former Bo Didley's location.

Co-Owner of Beaver Island Brewing Company Nick Barthsays they are excited how everything is coming together.

Beaver Island Brewing Company

"We have the Mash Tun in already and the Brew Kettle is coming in shortly as well as the fermentation vessels as well as a beer tank so I think the excitement level couldn't be any higher then it is right now," say Barth.

Barth says the plans for the brewery began small but quickly grew after hearing about the closing of the restaurant.

"After hearing that, what came out of it was this idea was to open up the restaurant, drop down the kitchen expand it into what was the shop space at one point and create a larger production area," says Barth.

Hours upon hours of hard work and vision have gone into the renovations including adding some St. Cloud history into the interior.

"All of the windows in the tap room were around the exterior of the building when it was first built, the door leading into the tap room is the original door, we hope to use pieces of brick from the Sartell Paper mill cause we want to use as much of the community as we possibly could and put it into this space," says Barth.

Barth knows what it takes to operate a facility like this with his connections to "The Wine Shop", "Nick's 3rd Floor and D.B. Searles," "The Veranda Lounge", and "The Pioneer Place on Fifth".

But adds he wanted to do something special when it came to the brewery.

"We truly want to build a brewery that's for the community, one that people can feel comfortable and feel it's connected to St. Cloud," says Barth.

They hope to have the brewery done by Christmas and begin brewing beer by the start of the new year and officially open at the end of January.


Tanks are carefully place inside the tap room. (Photo: Alex Svejkovsky, WJON News).