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Banaian, Gottwalt Split Votes On $1 Billion In Cuts [AUDIO]
The Minnesota House passed $1 billion in state budget cuts in a close vote. The bill passed on a 69-63 vote. State Representative King Banaian of St. Cloud was one of four Republicans that voted against it. He says he didn't feel there was enough discussion about the bill.
1st Big Vote On 1st Wave Of Minnesota Budge Cuts
The Republican-led House is taking its first big vote of the year with a bill biting $1 billion off a state budget problem six times as large. The bill seeks savings by cutting allowances to local governments and colleges, freezing state worker pay and forcing agencies to hand over money they had y…
Republicans Ramp Up Push For Photo ID At Minnesota Polls
Republicans in the Minnesota Legislature are moving ahead on a long-held election law goal with a proposal requiring voters to present photo identification at the polls. Proponents were to outline their plan Wednesday amid a more favorable political climate for the legislation than before.
Minnesota Senate Committee Approves Teacher Pay Freeze
The Minnesota Senate Education Committee has approved a proposal for a statewide pay freeze for school employees on a 9-7 vote. Sen. Dave Thompson, a Republican from Lakeville, is proposing to freeze pay for two years, including costs-of-living adjustments and rewards for experience and additional s…
Bill Undoing Minnesota Nuclear Ban Gets Senate Hearing
The Minnesota Senate's top leader is pushing to undo a state ban on new nuclear power plants. Republican Senate Majority Leader Amy Koch presents a bill Tuesday to undo a 17-year-old moratorium on construction of nuclear energy facilities. The hearing is before a Senate energy and utilities pa…
Minnesota Bill Aims To Restrict Use Of Welfare Cards
Republican lawmakers are proposing new restrictions on the use of electronic benefit cards for welfare recipients. The bill from Sen. Doug Magnus and Rep. Kurt Daudt would prohibit withdrawing cash or buying tobacco, alcohol or lottery tickets with the cards. It would also ban their use outside Min…
State Health Care Bill Passes Committee
Some Minnesotans on MinnesotaCare could get vouchers for private health insurance, if a bill authored by State Representative Steve Gottwalt of St. Cloud gets passed. The Health Minnesota Contribution Program cleared it's first committee yesterday (Wednesday).

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