Mayo Clinic

Reworked Mayo Finance Plans Up Local, Private Ante
A reworked proposal for a publicly aided Mayo Clinic expansion plan relies on a heavier local match and requires a bigger private ante before the state of Minnesota chips in. Revisions aired Monday in the Senate Taxes Committee would withhold state dollars until $250 million is spent on upgrading …
Senate Tax Chair: New Mayo Funding Plan Needs Work
A top Senate Democrat says the altered funding plan to help the Mayo Clinic expand needs work before moving forward. The Senate Taxes Committee had been set Friday morning to take up the new plan, which replaced a complicated tax capture mechanism with state aid payment system that increases with p…
Mayo Officials Tout Strong 2012 Performance
Mayo Clinic reports a strong financial performance in 2012 as the Minnesota-based health care provider added more employees and patients. Mayo reported Wednesday it took in annual revenue of $8.8 billion last year, with expenses of $8.4 billion.

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