Severe Drought Expands In Minnesota
This week's update from the U.S. Drought Monitor shows that an area of severe drought in central Minnesota has expanded eastward into Wisconsin. More than 7 percent of Minnesota is in a severe drought as of Thursday, up from more than 4 percent a week earlier.
Drought Deepens In Central Minnesota
New data show the drought is deepening in central Minnesota. Thursday's updated U.S. Drought Monitor map shows that several counties in central Minnesota are now in a severe drought, including the city of St. Cloud.
Midwest Hot, Dry Spell Brings Back Drought Worries
A growing season that began unusually wet and cold in the Midwest is finishing hot and dry, renewing worries of drought and its impact on crops. Experts say corn and soybeans may not have enough moisture in dry areas to develop to full weight, which could reduce this year's harvest.

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