Road Projects Sought for Federal Funding Window
It's the time of year when the St. Cloud Area Planning Organization is seeking road project requests from area cities and counties in Central Minnesota. It's your chance to share with your municipality any road construction projects you think deserve a piece of the $3,120,000 in federal fu…
St. Cloud APO Releases Bike Count Data
ST. CLOUD -- A recent bicycle count by the St. Cloud Area Planning Organization shows a high number people riding bikes near St. Cloud State University.
The three-day count in September is the third one conducted by the APO. The first one was done in September 2012 and the other was done in May of th…
APO To Pitch Projects To Congressional Lawmakers
St. Cloud Area Planning Organization delegates will head to Washington D.C. tomorrow to meet with our members of Congress. APO Executive Director Scott Mareck says they want to get lawmakers up-to-speed on our transportation projects that need funding.