ST. CLOUD - It's fitting that a contestant on the TV show "Survivor" would speak about survival.  Holly Hoffman was a cast member on Survivor Nicaragua last season.

She was in St. Cloud this (Tuesday) evening at the Go Red For Women event.  It's an event that raises awareness about women's heart disease.

Hoffman is very fit now, but that wasn't always the case.  She says just a few years ago she was overweight and smoked, and just didn't live a very healthy lifestyle.

Also, while she was on the show, she just about quit five days into it, but decided to stick it out and lasted 38 of the 39 days.

Hoffman says she wants to get the word out about this cause, because it's the number one killer among women.

More about the show:
If you're wondering why contestants show-up wearing suits and dresses, Hoffman says the producers hand-pick all of their clothes.  She says producers constantly pull cast members aside for personal interviews, and even wake them up in the middle of the night.  She says tribal councils last 2-3 hours, even though we see only 10-15 minutes of it.  And, yes, producers line-up they way the votes are announced for a more dramatic effect.  She says they don't get to keep their torches, they're auctioned-off on E-bay.  The one she's holding is hers from the show, but she had to buy it back.

She has a lot more to say about the show, if you're a fan of the show you'll find it interesting.  Click on the audio player for our full interview.  At the end she "hints" at the fact that we might see her again on a future season of Survivor: