ST. CLOUD - A St. Cloud woman has thought about starting a home-based baking company for years. A couple of months ago Patti Munsinger-Scott finally took that leap, and the business "Mrs. Good Cookies" was born.

Munsinger-Scott says she's enjoyed baking a wide variety of goodies for her family her whole life.

I make candies, and cakes, and breads also. There's a little tweaking in everything. My chocolate chip cookie, I make the regular chocolate chip. but I also do a maple bacon chocolate chip, and a chocolate chip pretzel cookie.

She does all of her baking out of her kitchen at home, and plans to stay small and keep it manageable. She says it was her husband who nudged her to go for it and start her own business.

Doing this isn't a job or anything. I love doing it. I love baking for people. I like hearing them say oh this is great.

Munsinger-Scott has launched a website and a Facebook page to get the word out about her business.

If you want to do something, just go for it. Just start it now. Start today. Otherwise, if you don't do it or you wait too long you'll be like 'what if', 'what could have been'?

By the way, her husband gave her the nickname "Mrs. Good Cookies" back before they were married, and the name has stuck ever since.