ST. CLOUD - If you struggled to get a good night sleep last night, you're not alone. Doctor Troy Payne from the St. Cloud Sleep Center says about 30 percent of us don't get enough sleep at night.

He says there are three main reasons for our lack of sleep, starting with sleep apnea.

Where people snore and they stop breathing at night and they're terribly tired the next day.  Really bad sleep apnea increases the risk of heart attack and stroke.  Then you have people who have horrible restless legs, and they cannot settle down.  Then there are people who cannot shut their brain down.

Payne says when they meet with patients for the first time they go through a whole series of questions to see if you're having a medical issue, or if it's more lifestyle induced. He says their success rates are high.

For sleep apnea, we can fix almost everybody.  Restless legs is usually a matter of getting your iron level right or looking at the medicines you're on.  Insomnia it's habits and what you're thinking about.

The CentraCare Sleep Center offers sleep services in nine of their facilities.

This is National Sleep Comfort Month.