ST. CLOUD - It's been a busy summer for the St. Cloud police department, with a number of shootings.

Last (Wednesday)night was the latest incident near Clark Field. During a verbal altercation, an unknown suspect fired multiple shots into the ground and fled the scene. No injuries have been reported.  One vehicle was damaged during the incident.

Police Chief Blair Anderson says he wants to reassure the public that these incidents are not random...

No one was hurt in this latest incident, but it happened just a short distance away from the large crowd that had gathered for the Summertime By George event.  Anderson says he realizes people are unsettled by these events, but at no time was anyone at the event in any danger, because these aren't random shootings.

Anderson says the St. Cloud police department is doing what they always do, and that's the reason they're able to get suspects in custody in short order.

Anderson reminds you to help the police department by being their eyes and ears. If you see something that looks out of order, call it in to the police.

Anderson says "it's disturbing when the best course of action to some people to resolve a difference of opinion is to pick up a gun".

Prior to last night's incident, there have also been reported gunshot incidents on Sunday, July 27th, July 20th, and July 8th.