ST. CLOUD - St. Cloud Mayor Dave Kleis says he's still going to Paris for a conference. He says last week's terror attacks won't prevent him from traveling to France on December 1st.

I think it's important to understand that acts of terrorism are designed to create fear and deter folks from doing things that are normal, and do things to live free, and that must continue to be defended.

Kleis is representing the Mississippi River Cities and Towns initiative at a meeting of major rivers around the world. He's been told to expect long lines and extra security.

And, while he's there, Kleis plans to visit St. Cloud, France.

I sent a letter about a week or so ago to the mayor of St. Cloud, France, and hopefully we'll be able to rekindle that friendship.

The two St. Cloud's have had a partnership since 1956, formed during our centennial celebration.

No city dollars are being used to fund his trip to France.