WASHINGTON — The White House has released a list of 78 attacks it describes as "executed or inspired by" the Islamic State group.

The White House says most did not get sufficient attention.

The Crossroads Center mall stabbings that injured 10 people in September of last year is included on the list.  Besides WJON's coverage, all other local, state, and national media outlets covered this story extensively for several weeks after the incident.

Dahir Adan was killed in the attack by an off duty police officer from Avon.  Special Agent with the FBI Rick Thornton said shortly after the incident Adan may have become radicalized recently and that the attack likely was premeditated.

The list also includes incidents like a truck massacre in Nice that killed dozens and received widespread attention, as well as less high-profile incidents in which nobody was killed.

The AP could not verify that each of the incidents had connections to the Islamic State group.

List Tweeted out by CNN's Kevin Liptek

President Donald Trump claimed during a speech earlier Monday that the media was deliberately ignoring attacks.

Trump said that, "in many cases, the very, very dishonest press doesn't want to report it," adding, "They have their reasons."

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