ST. CLOUD -- Bikers in the St. Cloud community now have a new asset when it comes to hitting the trails.

The city has installed two bicycle tune-up stations in recent weeks.

Park and Recreation Director Scott Zlotnik says many bikers usually don't carry quick fix equipment.

"People don't always have the necessity to have air stations or the tools they need to fix their bicycles," says Zlotnik.

The bike stations are located at Lake George and at the Beaver Island Trails. Each one offering all the tools bikers would need.

"There are many different allen wrenches, crescent wrenches, and screw drivers to help tighten or fix your bikes, but I think the best feature is the is the air pump," says Zlotnik.

There are 10 bicycle tune up stations throughout Minnesota, mostly in the Twin Cities.

The ones in St. Cloud were donated through the cities partnership with Health Partners and Pedal Minnesota.

"This is about a $4,500 value, and when you add in the install and the time, pad it's close to about $7,000 in value for both stations," says Zlotnik.

Zlotnik says they stations are a great asset to the city and many bikers have already taken advantage.

"As we were installing them, there were several bikes waiting for us to get done so they could use it which is really kind of neat," says Zlotnik.

The two stations are part of a trial run over the next two years and if all goes well Zlotnik says he could see the city adding more.


One of two Bike tune-up stations in the city of St. Cloud. (Photo: Alex Svejkovsky, WJON News)