ST. CLOUD -- A new sculpture near the Mississippi River in St. Cloud is making heads turn.

The sustainability sculpture was first installed in June at the St. Cloud Hydro Plant Dam.

St. Cloud utilities water quality coordinator, Emma Larson says the sculpture represents what the plant does for the community.

"It brings more awareness for what the dam actually does there, it is generating power right within our community from the river and the city is continually making that energy, that is essentially put back on the grid."

The sculpture features a granite cylinder base, a stainless steel turbine and water drop on top. It also has information about the St. Cloud dam wrapped around the sculpture. Larson says staff at the waste water treatment facility helped build the sculpture.

"Cold Spring Granite [provided the granite]. The turbine was actually manufactured by our [waste water treatment facility] staff, [it] was made of stainless steel and welded together. And the water droplet was [brought in] by a metal contractor out of the Twin Cities, we got that in two pieces and our staff welded it together. It was our city staff that installed it right there at the hydro facility."

Anyone can check out the sculpture, it's located near Husky Stadium.