ST. CLOUD -- The River's Edge Convention Center held a seminar focusing on small towns achieving big town success. Jack Schultz, author of the book Boomtown USA: The 71/2 Keys to Big Success in Small Towns, spoke to a room full of people saying that any town can have economic success.

After more than three years of research, Schultz believes his book is the background to help achieve that big town success.

But as Schultz points out, it's not about helping business achieve success but instead the community as a whole.

Schultz believes that our young people are a powerful economic development tool. And along with Craig Lindvahl, helped create a program call Creating Entrepreneurial Opportunities (CEO) where students interact with businesses.

The goal of CEO is to help those students achieve entrepreneurial skills that they can take back to there hometowns and get people back on the same page and make their communities a better place to live.