ST. CLOUD - The three candidates running to replace Michele Bachmann in Congress met in a debate in St. Cloud today (Tuesday).

They all differed on the question about whether the legalization of marijuana is a state or federal issue. Democrat Joe Perske says, while he's not in favor of legalizing pot for recreational use, he does support it for medical purposes.

Republican Tom Emmer says he didn't support the legalization of marijuana when he was in the state legislature. And, he says it not an issue for the federal government to get involved in.

And, Independence Party candidate John Denney says the time has come to make pot legal.

On the question, "what's the most pressing transportation issue facing the district?, Democrat Joe Perske says it's getting the Northstar Commuter Rail extended to St. Cloud.

Independence Party candidate John Denney says, the first priority is getting more federal dollars flowing into the district.

And Republican candidate Tom Emmer says he wants to fast-track the plan to widen Interstate 94 between St. Cloud and the Twin Cities.

The three men are running to replace current Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, who is not seeking re-election.

The Sixth District Candidate debate was hosted by the St. Cloud Area Chamber of Commerce and the St. Cloud Rotary Club.