ST. CLOUD - We know the State Legislature adjourned the regular session without getting a deal done on a budget or a Vikings stadium.  But there are a lot of other issues that have been left in limbo as well.

The issues of photo I.D. for voting, expanded gambling, and designating a percentage of Legacy Amendment money to greater Minnesota were all discussed, but didn't get signed into law.

State Representative King Banaian of St. Cloud says they all could be part of a special session, but he hopes they're not.  He says he prefers to deal with just the budget in a short one-day special session.

The Photo I.D. bill was passed and sent to the Governor, but he's expected to veto that bill.  The Republican lead State Legislature talked about putting the issue on the 2012 ballot as a constitutional amendment.

The bill allocating a certain percentage of Legacy Amendment money to greater Minnesota stalled on the House floor, after a four-hour debate on Monday night.

And no bill to expand gambling in Minnesota ever really got any traction in either the Senate or the House.