UNDATED - If you aren't registered to vote yet, the Minnesota Secretary of State Mark Ritchie says the deadline for early registration is coming-up on Tuesday.

Ritchie says another benefit of registering early is if there's a problem at your polling place on election day, which would require them to change polling locations, you would be notified before you go to vote.

Meanwhile, we're about four weeks away from election day, but many Minnesotans have already voted.  Absentee voting has been underway for several weeks now, and it will continue right up until election day.  Ritchie says as many as 10 percent of Minnesotans will vote absentee.

Ritchie says his office has put a lot of information about the election online, everything from how to vote by absentee ballot, how to find your polling place, and what will be on your specific ballot.  You can find the information on the website mnvotes.org.

Minnesota has long held the title of having the best voter turnout on election day.  Ritchie says he doesn't expect us to lose that title this year.

Ritchie says we're usually about 5-6 percentage points ahead of the number two state, which typically is Wisconsin.