SAUK RAPIDS - Another major road construction project is on the horizon in Sauk Rapids.

The city and Benton County have plans to redevelop County Road 3/2nd Street North - from 3rd Avenue to Highway 10.

City Administrator Ross Olson says they're just beginning the process, and it's not scheduled to get underway until 2015.

Olson says it's estimated that 10,000 vehicles travel on that road every day right now.  In the next 20 years that number is expected to nearly double.

Because it's a county road, Benton County will be responsible for paying for the road reconstruction costs, while the city will be responsible for right-of-way and street scaping costs.

Olson says the specifics on the projects are still being defined, but most likely will include widening the road.

You can learn more about this project tonight (Monday), during an open house from 4:00 until 6:30 p.m. at the Sauk Rapids Government Center.