SARTELL -- Weeks after requesting the Sartell city council for a city issued bond for infrastructure needs at a mobile home park, the group has decided to withdraw their request.

Northcountry Cooperative Foundation (NCF) has been working with park residents to form a resident association, known as Eagle's View, to take ownership of the park.

City Administrator Mary Degiovanni says NCF has decided they would like to seek other funding assistance before coming back to the city.

"They've got some community development lenders, they think will do financing for them. If it becomes clear that won't happen they may come to the city for a conduit bond proposal but it's off the table right now," says Degiovanni.

A decision on the bond request was supposed to be address during tonight's (Monday) city council meeting, instead the council will look to adopt a support resolution based on NCF's requests.

NCF Spokesman Kevin Walker says they have several loan applications in motion to go towards the $1.5-million infrastructure work and improvements and expect to hear back from them within the next couple weeks.

Back in February residents were notified by the park owners, RV Horizons, they planned to sell the property and gave the residents the first opportunity to buy the park.

The Sartell Mobile Home Park is located at 106 2nd Street South, next to Great River Bowl and Partners Pub.