ST. CLOUD - Robots and music education don’t sound like two things that go together...but that’s exactly the case at Talahi Community School.

Kindergarten and 1st grade students have been using a robot in class to compose music and play it in class. Students write down the colors on the xylophone they want the robot to play on a piece of paper. The colors are then put into an iPad, which sends the information to the robot to play the song.

Talahi music teacher Kat Quistorff says it's a great way to get young students introduced to basic concepts.

"Instead of looking at music notes, which they're not fully ready for yet, they can pick colors on the xylophone and still make a song. So they still get immediate feedback on what they're doing."

The school recently acquired 25 of the robots, which can also be used for other subjects like reading and math. In music, the robot gives the students a fun and visual way to learn the basics of creating a song.

"Technology is huge in music, some of these kids might go on to be awesome composers down the road. It just really helps them express themselves."


Dan DeBaun, WJON