KIMBALL - Several of the reporters in the WJON newsroom, along with a couple of our other co-workers, took on a big challenge this weekend.

The "Mudman 5K Extreme Obstacle Course" was held yesterday (Saturday) at Powder Ridge near Kimball.

Reporters Jim Maurice, Dan DeBaun, Chrissy Gaetke, and Alex Svejkovsky were joined by Ben Lambrecht from our sales team, and Ava Eekhoff from 98 Country to form "Team Townsquare".

Dan DeBaun, Alex Svejkovsky, and Jim Maurice

Because of all the rain we've had lately, event organizer Bill Corcoran informed us before the race that it would be his "muddiest Mudman" ever.

For most of us, it was our first time ever taking on a course like this.  It was very challenging, especially having to run up some pretty steep hills.  Other obstacles along the way included crawling under barbed wire, swinging on ropes, climbing over walls, carrying a 37 pound cinder block, and dunking into a bath of ice cold water.

Ben Lambrecht, Jim Maurice, and Ava Eekhoff

Our initial plan we to stay together as a group, but that just proved to be too difficult, and we eventually all just finished at our own pace.  (We only had one of our male teammates vomit along the course, and it wasn't anyone from the newsroom).

Would I recommend this race next year for someone looking to challenge themselves?  Absolutely!  In fact I'm guessing you'll see Team Townsquare out on the course again next year.  You don't have to be in top physical condition, but you may want to consider doing some running leading up to it, after all it is a 5K that you're running.

Chrissy Gaetke and Ava Eekhoff