ST. CLOUD -- For over 70 years member of the American Red Cross have been doing their part serving others during Red Cross Month.

March has been Red Cross Month since Franklin Roosevelt proclaimed it back in 1943.

Linda Blackmore is the Executive Director of the American Red Cross St. Cloud Chapter. She says this month is all about making a difference.

"Red Cross Month is a chance for the American Red Cross to invite everyone in the community to make a difference," says Blackmore.

While donating blood is mainly what the Red Cross is known for, Blackmore says there are other ways to help the Red Cross.

"You can volunteer, make donations, take a class, or be apart of the natural disaster team," says Blackmore.

Volunteers are a vital part of the Red Cross, especially when natural disasters, such as the fires in Elk River and Albany, hit so close to home.

Blackmore says even if you don't volunteer take the time to make a plan with your family in case a natural disaster strikes near you.

"Even if you go to your house, look around, gather your family and make a plan so everyone knows what their role in case something happens," says Blackmore.

If you are interested in helping the Red Cross during Red Cross month you can contact them at 320-251-7641.


March is Red Cross Month and there are many ways you can help and get involved. (PHOTO: Alex Svejkovsky, WJON News)