SAUK RAPIDS -- A proposed apartment building has caused an uproar in one Sauk Rapids neighborhood.

Kuepers Architects and Builders wants to construct two apartment buildings south of the entrance for the Villages of Creekside.

The property for the proposed apartments is currently intended to be for commercial use and the council would need to amend the PUD.

A public hearing was held this (Monday) evening for residents to voice their concerns on the potential project.

Resident Mike Welsh says having apartments built in front of their neighborhood would ruin what makes the area unique.

Other concerns addressed were increased traffic flow, loss of property value, and loss of appeal for future homeowners.

The proposed project would build one 41 unit apartment and a 38 unit apartment right in front of the neighborhood, potentially hiding the homes.

Resident Kevin Smith says it's not an issue of adding an apartment (as the southwest property is currently zoned for one), it's an issue of hiding what is considered an ideal place to live.

After hearing the concerns of the public, the council moved to continue the public hearing on April 13th.

Both Welsh and Smith say the neighborhood will get together over the next few weeks and come up with a stronger argument to present to the council at the next public hearing.