ST. CLOUD -- Hockey players around the area are lacing up their skates for the Granite City Pond Hockey Championship this weekend at Lake George.

The weekend-long tournament raises funds for the Minnesota Youth Foundation as several local teams compete for the 5 foot-plus trophy.

Gary Hines, Director of the Minnesota Youth Foundation, says the tournament is coming back after a year off and their third event has attracted hockey players of all ages.

"We've got kids [who are] about five years old...and some of the guys playing here are late 20s or early 30s," Hines says.

"I think there's a gentleman [playing] up over the 50 years old mark, so we've got quite a range of ages."

Hines says the tournament is a fun time for hockey enthusiasts and hopes the event will grow in its coming years.

"Being down here when it starts is a lot of fun," Hines says. "There was a lot of work coming up to this point...but when you see the people down here - that's what's fun for me."

Four rinks are set up on Lake George for the tournament and a heated tent serving food and beverages is available for those who attend.


Photo by Isaac Schweer, WJON