ST. CLOUD - If you're excited about Costco's plan to build a store in St. Cloud you'll be interested to know the first official step in making that a reality could happen Tuesday night. The St. Cloud Planning Commission will hold a public hearing to rezone 18 acres of land in Heritage Park. The remaining roughly 70 acres won't change.

Community Development Director Matt Glaesman says there will still be several other steps that will need to happen before Costco can break ground.

There will actually be several different steps at the city level.  We'd be looking at the acquisition of some of the parcels, which is one of the greatest returns from the sale of the Heritage Park property.  Some of the property known as Talahi Woods on the east side, and some land adjacent to George Friederich Park would be acquired by the city.

If the Planning Commission approves the request to rezone, it moves on to the St. Cloud City Council.

Glaesman says negotiations are continuing for the actual sale of the land to the developer representing Costco.

If-and-when Costco breaks ground the Skate Park will have to be moved to the south of the entryway into the park. However, the Stearns History Museum will not be moving.

map courtesy of the city of St. Cloud