ST. CLOUD - With the State GOP Convention in full swing, it's definitely been a big weekend for politics in St. Cloud.

However, lawmakers aren't the only folks in and around the River's Edge Convention Center during the event.

A small group of ralliers clustered outside the building  on Saturday afternoon with signs.

Their message to lawmakers focused on ending wars and withdrawing troops.

Doug Olson is one of the sign-bearers. He says the group is made up of peace advocates from Brainerd and Little Falls.

Olson says they're not really protesting the convention. Instead, they're using it as a stage for sharing their anti-war message. Olson actually supports Ron Paul, who was Friday's keynote speaker during the convention.

The group decided to break away from a group that had been protesting the convention earlier in the day in front of St. Cloud City Hall which Olson described as "very democratic."

GOP lawmakers and delegates have been in St. Cloud since Friday, at which time they selected Rosemount-based Kurt Bills as the official candidate to challenge U.S. Senator Amy Klobuchar in November's election.