ST. CLOUD -- There's a new person in charge when it comes to booking performances at the Paramount Theatre.

Gretchen Boulka was hired back in June and officially took over as the new Director of Performing Arts on Wednesday.

Boulka says she can remember visiting the Paramount many years ago, but never thought she would one day work there.

"About 15 years ago the group I was studying with came to St. Cloud to look at the Paramount Theatre because it was kind of an example of a place that could do everything. I remember thinking this is the most awesome place and be cool to work here, never thinking it would happen."

Boulka is originally from Milwaukee and has worked for the Children's Theatre in the Twin Cities, St. Paul Chamber Orchestra, and the National Lutheran Choir.

She says when it comes to booking shows, her job is more than just watching Youtube videos.

"Sometimes people will contact us about a group they think is fantastic, agents who we've worked with suggest people who would be a good fit, and sometimes its branching out and finding something new and different."

Boulka says she is already getting a start on booking shows for the 2018-2019 performance schedule.

She replaces Laurie Johnson who retired this month.