ST. CLOUD -- The organization which runs the Northstar Link commuter bus is looking to make changes to its fare structure.

Metro Bus is looking to simplify their fare structure to make it easier for riders and make it equal regardless of time of day or direction of travel. Metro Bus spokesman Tom Cruikshank says it creates fare equalization by reducing some fares for some riders and slightly increasing it for others.

The proposed changes would make the cash fare $2.00, 10-Ride Pass $17.00, 31-Day Pass $70.00 and the fares to Becker would be $1.00.

You can give your feedback through email at, U.S. Mail at 665 Franklin Avenue NE, St. Cloud, MN 56304 or by phone at (877) 546-5010.

Comments need to be received by May 16th. The fare changes would go into effect June 2nd.