ST. CLOUD - Some students at St. Cloud's North Junior High want safety improvements made at a busy intersection near their school.

The "Community Problem Solving" team is asking the city council tonight (Monday) to approve a little over $16,000 for several upgrades at the intersection of 12th Street North and 29th Avenue North.

Six grader Caleb Dirckx says the project came to life after noticing the intersection was missing a crosswalk button on the school side.

"At the school side of this intersection you can't get across by using the "walk" symbol. You have to use the green light because the buttons on this side to go in any direction is missing," says Dirckx.

The students want the city to install flashing lights on a pedestrian sign, new crosswalks painted on the streets, replacing the crosswalk button, and the installation of a countdown timer.

Six grade student Grace Fischer says she wants this intersection to stay safe for the students that walk to school.

"I think they should be safe when crossing this intersection and not have their anxiety raised or be scared of crossing the street," says Fischer.

The students have gone before the city council on this project at three previous meetings and have received positive feedback on the safety improvements.

Caleb Dirckx and Grace Fischer are leading an initiative to improve a St. Cloud Intersection. (Photo: Alex Svejkovsky, WJON News)