UNDATED - Tomorrow (Wednesday) night's Powerball drawing will be the largest lottery jackpot ever in the world. Over $1.5 billion is on the line. About $870 million if you take the cash option.

Minnesota State Lottery spokeswoman Debbie Hoffman says they're busy keeping up with demand.

Our sales reps are out making sure that our retailers have enough tickets stocked so that when a player goes into a store to buy a ticket  that there's paper and they're able to get the ticket that they want.

Hoffman says Minnesota last had a Powerball winner in August of 2013, with a prize of $149 million.

Hoffman says the state has taken in a lot of money since this current run began on November 7th.

The general fund, which receives 60 percent of lottery proceeds, has received $6.7 million from Powerball sales since November. And Minnesota Environment has received $5.4 million.

Hoffman says, if you are lucky enough to have a winning ticket, sign the back of it immediately, get some financial and/or legal advice, then call the Minnesota State Lottery office. In Minnesota winners cannot remain anonymous, if the winning ticket is sold here we will eventually know who won.