ST. CLOUD - There's more women's beach volleyball tonight (Tuesday) at the Olympics. And, as you watch the American duo, it's fun to know there's a St. Cloud connection. Cathedral Activities Director Emmett Keenan's second cousin, Brad Keenan, is married to April Ross.

We've certainly enjoyed watching it from that standpoint, being that connection.  Seeing Brad in the stands, along with Mary his mom, at the games.  It's just really been enjoyable to watch such good people have such great success.

Emmett Keenan says everything he knows about April Ross is that she's a positive person.

I've only met her once. But, I can tell you from the things I've seen about her, and the things I've heard her say, she is just a wonderful role model. Specifically for young women, but for all athletes period.

The beach volleyball team of Kerri Walsh Jennings and April Ross are playing for a spot in the gold medal match. The opposition comes from the Brazilian world champions.

Walsh Jennings is going for her fourth gold, and Ross is looking to improve on the silver she earned at the 2012 London Olympics.