ST. CLOUD -- A new U.S report says poor care of contact lenses may be the main cause between the growing number of eye infections each year.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says about 38 million Americans wear contact lenses.

Dr. Greg Friederichs is an eye doctor at Insight Eye Care in Waite Park. He says while the number of infections with his patients isn't growing, new lens technology should be decreasing infections and that's not the case.

Friederichs says many patients are not taking the proper care of their lenses as they should.

Often times patients do not replace their lens cases, change contacts on a regular basis or change the old solution.

The report estimates there are nearly 1 million patient visits for treatment for keratitis (an infection to the cornea).

Friederichs say about 35 percent of the population wear their contacts past the recommended amount and about 50 percent don't take the proper care measures.

Friederichs says the best way to prevent your eyes from infection is to use one day use contact lenses.