SAUK RAPIDS -- A brand new exhibit at the Benton County Fair has kids fluttering with excitement.

The fair board was looking to add something new this year and thought a butterfly house would be fun.

The Butterfly House holds 140 butterflies from three different species. Benton County Fair Director Al Stemper says the exhibit allows for interaction for the fair goers.

"It's a very interactive exhibit, they kids can get right up to it and that's what we are up to. We are trying to engage our people coming to the fair," says Stemper.

Vice President of the Benton County Fair Board Aaron Goulet says while it's a fun exhibit, it can have its difficulties with so many butterflies to look after.

"The biggest thing is making sure they stay inside, so we rigged up some shower curtains, signs and just try to make sure they stay inside," says Goulet.

Stemper says while they may not be experts about butterflies, they feel it's important people learn the dangers they are facing.

"It's certainly an issue and that's maybe another reason why this was such an interesting attraction this year, but you heard it in the news and you're hearing those questions," says Stemper.

The exhibit has been positive so far and Goulet says it brings many smiles to both kids and adults.

"Everyone seems to really enjoy it, I think the kids really enjoy it. It's something different and I think that's what people look for," says Goulet.

The Butterfly House is located in front of the poultry barn.


Over 100 butterflies are waiting for you at the Benton County Fair. (Photo: Alex Svejkovsky, WJON)