ST. CLOUD -- A new facility and office designed to provide convenience for law enforcement and also build relationships within the law enforcement community has opened in St. Cloud.

The Bureau of Criminal Apprehension (BCA) recently opened a new evidence processing facility at the St. Cloud Police Department and a field office at the Stearns County Sheriff's Office.

Assistant Laboratory Director at the BCA, Jim Iverson, says the facility will help law enforcement utilize their time more efficiently. 

"It is just so much more convenient for them [local law enforcement], they don't have to drive to the east side of St. Paul to bring their evidence to us [BCA] and it allows us to get to know them better and give them better service," says Iverson.

Iverson says law enforcement in Benton, Stearns and Sherburne counties will benefit from the new facility.

Along with the facility the new BCA field office will be staffed with two special agents, one for general crime investigations and one for predatory crime investigations such as internet crimes against children and human trafficking.

Stearns County Chief Deputy, Bruce Bechtold says the field office will give law enforcement more resources and help them get information from experts faster.

"It's going to be a step in the right direction, we're going to have agents with expertise and resources right at our fingertips instead of calling in and getting someone from the Twin Cities or another location," says Bechtold.

Including St. Cloud the BCA has 11 field offices in the State.