ST. CLOUD -- Do you know of a hidden gem along the Mississippi River? If so, National Geographic wants to hear about it.

The organization was in St. Cloud today (Wednesday) talking about their plans to build the tourism brand long the river.

National Geographic Spokesman Jim Dion says they are looking for authentic and distinctive destinations along the river.

"Historical places, cultural places, music, food, all those things that are special about your place, unique and authentic to your place that we can share to a global audience that is looking for these types of experiences," says Dion.

Local individuals, service providers, small businesses and organizations are encouraged to share tips for places they feel would be a great destination for tourists.

However, Dion says they don't want someone's opinion on what places should be nominated but rather hear from someone in ownership on why a certain place should be considered.

"We want information from local people, but we don't want people's opinion we want people that own these businesses, manage these parks that they can tell us about and have that ownership of it," says Dion.

Dion says the nomination doesn't have to be on the Mississippi River but does need to be a 'county wide' from the river.

You can submit your nominations online at

Deadline for nominations is February 2016 and the website will officially launch soon after.