FALCON HEIGHTS - Minnesota's new Poultry Prince and Princess were crowned earlier this week at the State Fair. The Princess is Mikayla Schlosser of Minitrista.

She says she decided to run for the title because it's a chance to promote the industry she loves.

I'm very passionate about speaking out about agriculture. The scholarship money was also another bonus. I love talking about poultry with other people, it's one of my passions.

Schlosser says, when it comes to chickens, there's a lot to crow about.

Chickens are just wonderful animals, they're friendly and social, they all have their own personality and quirks.  Their eggs and the meat the produce are also delicious.

Schlosser says her family runs a small hobby farm, and sell a few eggs at a stand at the end of their driveway. She's a sophomore in high school and plans to pursue a career in the Ag Science field.

The new Poultry Prince is Charles Miller of Kasson.

The contest to become a Poultry Prince or Princess includes taking a poultry quiz, an in-person interview, showmanship, judging of poultry, and participating in a barbecue chicken contest.

They each received a $1,000 scholarship. September also happens to be "National Chicken Month".