ISLE -- The Minnesota DNR made headlines this week with the announcement that anglers could only take one walleye per day from Lake Mille Lacs. But, they also changed the northern pike regulations.

You'll still be able to keep 10 northern pike, but you have to have two fish shorter than 30 inches in your "live well" in order to keep one over 30 inches.

Mike Christensen owns Hunter Winfield's Mille Lacs Resort. He says the input group suggested the move to the DNR who are trying to reduce the number of smaller northern pike.

Christensen says it will create business opportunities for resorts and guide services, while still giving people an opportunity to go after a trophy pike. He says it will also help the DNR's plan. The DNR is trying to whittle the smaller northern pike population to help the smaller walleye survive and grow.

Christensen also says people forget Mille Lacs is a premiere smallmouth bass fishery. Anglers can keep six bass, with only one smallmouth longer than 18 inches.