ST. CLOUD -- Metro Bus is making some changes to its Dial-A-Ride service.

A series of public meetings were held to gather input on changing the boundaries to contain the growth while meeting the service demands. These changes go into effect Friday and adjust the boundaries of the extended service area.

The Americans with Disabilities Act requires Metro bus to provide Dial-A-Ride service within three-quarters of a mile from any fixed route. Metro Bus created an extended service area in 2000 until fixed route service could be developed in those areas. Now, those routes have been developed and the Dial-A-Ride is being scaled back to the core service area.

Starting Friday, new ADA Dial-A-Ride users may only travel within the service area, new group homes and foster homes outside the service area won't be served by Dial-A-Ride and the general public won't be served outside the service area. However, current users with disabilities and current group home users will see no change.

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