Each weekday this summer, I'm blessed to have a talented intern help me get stories ready for my show "It Matters...With Kelly Cordes".  Matt Bigelow helps me produce my show on Wednesdays, and I found his new found diet, to be one I can only envy. Read Matt's story below.

Kelly Cordes 2014

My Minnesota Summer Diet

I let my mom off the hook in a big way this summer. Going to school in Fargo doesn't lend me a whole lot of "mom's home cookin", so when I'm home for the summer, I make sure to eat at home as often as possible. This summer has been different. I'm almost never at home eating. The burden has been lifted. The need to feed a giant 23-year-old with a bottomless pit for an appetite is no more. Why haven't I been eating at home as often? Working during the evenings has sapped many of those opportunities, but the main cause has been my ability to get out and experience "fair food".

My weekend summer diet has consisted of almost exclusively, fair food. During the early summer months, graduation parties occur in the bunches and social protocol deems it necessary that I eat the food being served...it's just common courtesy. So my summer weekend lunches and dinners have consisted of everything from "Tacos in a bag" to Sloppy Joes, to catered Chipotle.

That's only half of it.

The other half consisted of fair food. Starting in the middle of June with Albertville's "Friendly City Days", continuing onto Rogers' "Rockin' Rogers", Big Lake's "Spud Fest", St. Cloud's "Granite City Days" and Monticello's "Riverfest", I've been able to go to a city fair every Saturday and Sunday evening. I've never consumed so many cheese curds, funnel cakes, or deep fried concoctions before in my life.

While my mom may not necessarily approve of these eating habits, I've thoroughly enjoyed my indulgence of fair food. Summer is almost over. It seems like it just began but I have less than a month left before returning to the barren wasteland that is North Dakota for another semester of schooling. I'll remember this summer fondly.