FOLEY -- A man who had been staying with his longtime girlfriend has been charged with threatening to kill her, punching her and trying to strangle her.

According to the criminal complaint filed in Benton County, Sauk Rapids Police were called to a mobile home in the 1900 block of North Benton Drive yesterday (Tuesday). When officers arrived a woman told them she wanted her boyfriend, 36-year-old Freddy Ragsdale to move out. Ragsdale had left the scene prior to officers arriving.

Police left and were called back to the scene moments later and heard the woman yelling for someone to "stop". Police entered the home and saw Ragsdale standing over the woman who was holding a small child.

Records show she had red, blotchy marks on her face and neck. She told officers Ragsdale had called her and said he was coming over to kill her. He allegedly kicked in the front door, punched her several times and tried to choke her with his hands.

Police say Ragsdale also made threatening comments to the arresting officer and his family.

Ragsdale is charged with felony terroristic threats, two counts of domestic assault and criminal damage to property. He also has a warrant out for his arrest in Scott County.

Ragsdale is expected to make his first court appearance tomorrow (Thursday) morning.