ST. CLOUD - It's the question that people have been asking since the beginning of time - what is the secret to a long and healthy life?

Residents of Stearns County might not have the complete answer, but statistically, they're closer than most.

Recent data shows Stearns County residents have the highest life expectancies on average in the state of Minnesota - 79 for males, and 84 for females.In fact, the life expectancy for women is the 10th highest for all counties in the United States.

So, what's the secret? According to 87 year-old Maryann Molin, it's diet, exercise and keeping busy.

Well, good genes don't hurt, either.

Molin's husband, 91 year old Bud Molin, agrees with his wife.

The Molins say, growing up in central Minnesota during the 1930s meant hard work, walking many miles every day and eating smaller portions of healthy food.

Today, the Molins dedicate many hours every week at the Whitney Senior Center as volunteer gardeners.

They're celebrating their 65th wedding anniversary on August 20th.