SAUK RAPIDS -- Sauk Rapids native Lyndon Johnson is no stranger when it comes to rocks.

For 21 years Johnson has found anything from agates, fossils and gems in the farm fields of Central Minnesota to add to his collection.

Johnson says every now and then he finds something that shocks even him.

"I was walking a field in Benton County, and at first it was so crystal clear I thought it was a piece of glass but as soon as my eye focused on it I knew better," says Johnson.

The gem he found was a pink emerald (Morganite) and only a handful have been found in the world.

Johnson believes the gem is worth $150 dollars per carat and its a fifty-three carat gem.

"I'm still looking for another person to verify what I got, but I'm fairly confident in all my readings, I have done it three or four different times," says Johnson.

Johnson says he always asks permission of the farmers before searching the fields and says sometimes he looks all day.

"There is times I look all day long. Bring food with and water," says Johnson.

He says he never goes home empty handed and finding a special piece is what keeps the thrill of the hunt.


Local rock collector Lyndon Johnson explains the rare rock he found. (Photo: Alex Svejkovsky, WJON News)